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Enroll for a class with friend or family member - Save 5%

Class minimum is 2 students with a maximum of 4 pr boat. More than 4? We add more boats to the class for groups or families. With two or more in a course it might be possible to create a schedule to fit to get exactly what works for you.

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Afterguard Foundation: Donations accepted. HS School Yr programs, Summer Camps, Meetup-Community Affordable Boating Access and special projects.

New kind of Youth Program: High School scholastic/PE combination= "Destination Graduation" started in 2006 for Oakland Street Academy, an OUSD alternative High School. Afterguard provides a 'stay in school' incentive program based Classes include Small boats, Keelboats, Boat Care/Science, and Bay explorations by field trip and by boat.3 trimesters, 36 days

A group of wonderful volunteers, including a USCG Chiefs group led by retired USCG CEO Rex Takahatchi, are helping teach the students how to sail and how restore and care for boats.

This program is honored by a supportive associaion with the San Francisco Bar Pilots. See logo to learn more about them.

Bay Area Youth Boating Institute, Inc LLC. A Sea Scout/Explorers group helps by providing more boats to work for the sometimes large class sizes. Thanks to this wonderful group.




Welcome to Afterguard - The fun, affordable and intelligent choice for professional boating instruction. We also offer Boat Rentals, Skippered Charters & sailing outings. Call.

(510) 535-1954

Afterguard Rated 2013 Best Boating School in Oakland for all ages and a Recognised Youth Friendly business.

School-Learn to Sail-All Levels: Afterguard provides an wide array of excellent courses: Only at Afterguard, American Sailing Association (ASA) certification series and Power options. 'Only at Afterguard' courses provide an affordable place to start, a chance to fill in missed steps or to round out skills. They build confidence. Afterguard offers more comprehensive courses than most other San Francsico Bay sailng schools.

Boat Rentals - Afterguard offers boat rentals of 12-62' including; small boats, keelboat and power boats once certified or have the skills and can prove it in a check-out.

Charters: Boating is a great activity for one or the whole family, from day sails plying the beautiful San Francisco Bay waters to Pacific coastal trips. Afterguard staff consider it our priviledge to take you sailing. If want to learn a bit or just help sail - most of our Charter Captains are also teachers.Two locations to sail from, Treasure Isle in the middle of SF Bay or start from the warmer more protected East Bay. It is all great sailing.

Style: Afterguard's holds a policy of "No Yelling". Those who sail with our Captains or learn from our Instructors will more likely not be yelling or barking orders with their friends and family members, when the going gets dicey. We show how to handle all conditions. Learning without the harsh edge of barking orders means Afterguard keeps Learning to Sail fun at all levels.

Hours: Tues @ Noon to 5 and Wed-Sun 9-5pm. Love to meet you.

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SF Bar Pilots

Bay Area Youth Boating Institute.

Sunset Sails are back on the calendar! Spring is here and so is daylight savings. As the days get longer and warmer enjoy a beautiful sunset sail from our home port or from Treasure Isle.

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